Deciding to sell your home or property can be a life changing decision. Having the right Real Estate Broker behind you can make all the difference in the world.
At Richards Real Estate we let our experience speak for itself. With decades in the real estate business as brokers, appraisers, and investors, we have the knowledge to get you the best price available for your property.



Your heart fills the structure you call home. You cry there. You eat and sleep there. You love there. Deciding to sell is a hard decision. It’s emotional. And it can sometimes be complicated. 

Richards Real Estate can navigate you through this emotional journey when you are ready. Our small, experienced team is the best equipped to help you every step of the way. We use our lifetime of experiences in real estate investment and sales to guide you along.

Let’s make the emotional journey a success for you and your family.


While we aren’t fortune tellers, our years of experience in real estate and appraisals can help you put your home on the market at the perfect time.

Curb Appeal

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. That’s probably something you’ve heard before and it’s definitely the case when selling your home. 63% of people who view your home online with do a drive by before scheduling a showing. What do you think will happen if it doesn’t appeal to them? That’s right. No showing. No sale. 

Go Clean

Here’s your chance at the lasting impression. If you’re able to get your potential buyer through the front door don’t let a laundry basket full of clothes or a sink full of dishes sour the mood. Staging your home can be a sound investment. The less personal belongings in the house the bigger it feels.