After signing the volunteer contract, the volunteer and the line officer must sign it. The official agreement is kept in your files and a copy will be given to the volunteer and his superior. Finally, you can ask the volunteers to provide the following information for the agreement: The more you contribute to the volunteer contract, the better. To facilitate your entry into the writing of service descriptions, here are some examples of common volunteer positions. The service includes walking in rough and rugged terrain and outdoors in a variety of weather conditions. It also requires standing, bending, twisting, wearing and lifting. Volunteers must also behave in a workplace-appropriate lifestyle. The volunteer contract can be amended at any time with the written agreement of each party. The existing agreement may be terminated, a new agreement may be developed or a signed and dated amendment may be attached to the existing contract. Minor changes to the agreement can be made to the original document and initiated by the volunteer and forest officer. Volunteers will perform general cleaning and maintenance of facilities, three boat launch points, two campsites and a picnic area.

The service includes lawn maintenance, soil maintenance, general carpentry, light construction projects, panel maintenance, scraping, painting and waste disposal. For the sponsored volunteer contract, add a list of all volunteer names, addresses and phone numbers and get signed and dated by each volunteer. Electronic volunteer contracts are available on the forest service`s internal computer network at Volunteers will take care of the forest trails. The service includes cutting small trees, pruning back brushes, erasing falls and removing stones from the tread. In addition, good drainage of water is required by restoring a 5 per cent slope to the trail, cleaning water beams, installing new water beams and building landfills. Volunteers will also monitor trail conditions, conduct migration reports with a GPS unit and install signs. Volunteers will use common hand tools such as cutting saws, leaf saws, axes, loppers, shovels, picks, etc. Since 1996, the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation has had more than 2,000 miles of access to the third largest wilderness complex in the lower 48 states and has operated eight ranger districts in three national forests. In addition to the necessary information, all points provided by the Agency should be mentioned in the agreement: the Agency`s expectations of volunteers should be clearly stated in the agreement. Becoming a volunteer: For more than 100 years, the Forest Service has brought people and communities together to answer the call for conservation.

Through camping accommodation, trail maintenance, visitor service, research and more, volunteers make an essential contribution to the legacy of nature protection for future generations.